Crystal Deodorant w/ Sea Buckthorn

Crystal Deodorant w/ Sea Buckthorn



Using a crystal applicator in a glass bottle filled with frozen light (Crystals), these essential oils deliver healing scents for all day luxury!

Built on a foundation of Jojoba oil and Sea Buckthorn, we carefully added high end Sandalwood, Lime, Himalayan Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Yang Ylang for an amazing smelling formulation you can use for a deodorant or special essence. 

I spent 3 years developing deodorants and antiperspirants for Procter & Gamble (Secret, Sure, Old Spice) and have been looking for something natural to use without all the junk that actually lasts all day and is healthy for me. 

I found pure essential oils were the best to use as they are both healing and smell great. 

I finally had to create my own using high quality Sea Buckthorn and Jojoba oil. 

I hope you enjoy these. 

Each bottle has it's own unique crystal applicator and is filled with crystals donating their frozen light healing frequencies directly into the oils and then to you. 

Actual crystal type is selected by us when we ship, so you may end up with Rose Quartz or Tigers Eye, or who knows... but you'll get a crystal applicator bottle all your own.