Bliss Yoga + Coaching with Tomorrow Bundle


Tiptoe into your bliss and add a MONTHLY COACHING SESSION 

Pair a 30 Min session/mo. with Bliss yoga to upgrade your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit!

When you get the right coaching and begin to make small steps with big impact everything start seeing the world thru a different lens.  Tomorrow provides a fresh lens experience to shine light in the shadowy places in your life that could use a good spiritual detox.  Cleaning up the fish bowl of your life starts with you.  tomorrow has +15 years of S and leadership training & 200 hr RYT of Kundalini Yoga Certification and Has been practicing biohacker for 25+ yrs.  She is the mother of 6 children and also o Conscious Parenting Coaching.  

Learn how to reconnect to your intuition, your SELF, to the universe, and the Earth!

What you get with your membership Bundle*

September 13-December 20

*The Replay link will be sent after class each week and reset each month. 

1. 1 -60 min kundalini bliss yoga LIVE yoga class every week/Replay 

The recurring zoom link will be sent via email. 

2.  1 -Group 45 min Zoom call with Tomorrow to "hang out & girl talk 1x per month


3. 1-30 min coaching session with Tomorrow/per month


You also get Access to Private FB Group access to short videos and warms up sessions discussion 


Journey through the Elements

with Tomorrow

Here is what to expect!! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

1 Hour of Bliss Yoga Practice + conversations after

-Active Meditation




-Some basic Yoga

-Mantras and Mudras to access higher consciousness


-angel cards 



Here is how it will affect your body mind and spirit through the elements


Use your body as the vehicle to move energy that no longer serves you, and release old stagnated energies from your body.  Practice active meditation to access your inner Goddess awareness. 


Meditate changes the waters (Blood) of your being.  

Thru meditation, you can actually alchemize the composition of your blood as we use the quantum technology of our glandular secretions and hormones to activate and purify our water systems.  This is achieved thru Breathwork and will be incorporated in every Kriya (position) we do.   This is how we activate the Magnetic Shakti and Kundalini Energy laying dormant in our bodies.


Breathwork.  With each position in Kundalini Yoga, we pair it with our sacred breath.  Breath is the essential element necessary to sustain life.  See how using your breath in different ways can change your emotional state and access higher levels of consciousness. 


The fire is within.  We have a fire inside our hearts whether that shows itself as passion or anger it is not healthy to keep that energy stored or stuck.  In Bliss yoga practice we will do a lot of excavation in the form of dance, breath, kriyas, and mantra to release old patterns and flush the nervous system with new energy and move spinal fluid so that you can move to a parasympathetic state of joy, calm connected centered awareness. 

In Bliss Yoga Practice you will learn the *ancient root lock which is an ancient technique used to move energies of the lower chakras to the upper chakra.  We will practice this in each class so that you can use it as a tool to move energy when necessary. 


At the end of practice, we will have time for a short  Q&A and discussion with Tomorrow 

please feel free to come on camera and share, your experience and have your voice feel heard if you want to share.  

*ancient root lock- is also practiced and taught by Dr. Joe Dispenza in his meditations and events also in qigong and other martial applications


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